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WaveCentral SharePoint Intranet | NewWave

About the Client: NewWave is a globally-recognized, federally-certified provider of innovative business solutions for government and industry.

Users/Audience: NewWave Employees

Project Details: The ‘Be a Good Human’ campaign came to be in response to an internal effort to ‘hack the culture’ of NewWave. The company doubled in size within 4-6 months due to the win of a $196M contract with CMS and was struggling with the influx of so many new employees and the strained atmosphere created a perceived need to be intentional about leading people toward desired behaviors with positive reinforcements. The Culture Hack work group met regularly to identify key areas in which to focus communications and efforts and this campaign was one of the outputs.

My Contribution: As Creative Director, I was invited with my team to participate in this work group in order to help examine the data and feedback provided by staff members about their experiences, and brainstorm what type of communications, programs, rewards, etc. could be helpful in improving the interactions. I co-led user research efforts and analysis of results, led brainstorming and series design. 

Outcomes: Unfortunately, while the designs were well-executed visually and technically, their intended audience did not respond as we had hoped. The campaign was kicked off with the incentives programs at the same time as an executive communication went out about employee guidelines and a commitment to improving interactions. It was also required by HR that everyone sign that they agreed to these guidelines. But, because the more formal feeling of those requirements was received with annoyance and resistance, the tone of the campaign ads were received as being condescending rather than light, and we pulled the campaign after subsequent feedback and metrics indicated more negative reactions.

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