Breanna [Bre] Wheeler is a prolific design leader with an entrepreneurial mindset and over 20 years of experience. She builds strong brand identities from the ground up, with a focus on customer experience and creating memorable brand interactions.

Continuous growth.

Currently a Communications & Brand Director for the Business Integra enterprise, focusing on brand design, business development, social media and digital communications, for services and product brands in government and commercial  information technology and cybersecurity. This federal consulting enterprise consists of one large business, 2 mentor/protegé joint-venture small businesses, several related entities that we support, and a handful of tech products.

Deep roots.


Formerly the VP of Digital Services & BD Operations for 5 years for the NewWave enterprise, focusing on brand design and digital marketing for services and products brands in government and commercial healthcare-focused information technology. 

Formerly a Designer and Art Director of 11+ years, with 150+ clients in healthcare, marketing, products, restaurants, luxury goods, personal training, nutrition, events, non-profits, private education, food & dining, luxury services, non-profits, home builders, and more.

Always a student of the industry, continuously building up design, leadership and technical knowledge so I can pour it back into my team ecosystem to support our collective growth.

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