Experience Design

“Good design is a lot harder to notice than poor design, because good design fits our need so well that the design is invisible.” 

– Don Norman, Usabilla

Holistic experience design encompasses every user touchpoint, and considers the path that the user will take in both digital and analog spaces. Who are they? What do they want? Where are they going? How can you meet them there? In all mediums, these questions are key to creating a great experience for users – using multiple senses to their advantage.

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Enterprise Websites | BI

Business Integra is a complex enterprise consisting of a large federal contracting business, 2 joint-venture small businesses, several co-owned, related entities, and a handful of software products. I am responsible for UX, design, development, content and monitoring/analytics. Within year 1, I directly designed and led the development of BusinessIntegra.com, and BusinessMissionEdge.com, and served as a UX and web design consultant for 2 other sites that are in development (as of this update in February 2024).

Tradeshow Experience Design | NewWave

NewWave’s tradeshow ambitions set me up to get to architect amazing, multi-media experiences for visitors at the annual HiMSS, JOIN, MESC, and Convergence conferences. The pinnacle of that work would have come to fruition in March 2020 – if it hadn’t been for COVID-19 shutting down all operations within a week of final production. 

Despite the uncontrollable setbacks, I am proud of the work that I led my team through, to set NewWave’s business development team and executives up for relationship-building success at HiMSS 2020.

Final deliverables included everything from visitor journey maps, multi-story custom booth design, motion graphics on 7 screens, activity/vendor/speaker schedules, social media campaigns, landing pages, touchscreens for trivia, augmented reality installations throughout the 1500sq. ft. space, live digital watercolor movement on screens, key storytelling pillars woven throughout the entire experience, selfie props, partner presence and stories, and more.

Due to the confidential nature of these internal sites, no images are available. Inquire with any questions.

SharePoint Intranet Portals | NewWave & BI

NewWave: In 2019, I collaborated with colleagues to focus on improving the employee experience by providing a more clear landing pad for new staff, upon being on-boarded, and connecting siloed Microsoft SharePoint sites owned by respective teams at NewWave. Several months of user experience research, targeted user interviews, wireframing, UI design, development,  testing and iteration yielded an employee portal with the crowd-sourced name, ‘WaveCentral.’ 

Lucky for us, this portal was launched right as the world went into pandemic lockdown in spring 2020, so it quickly provided a digital  ecosystem for NewWave staff to access a network of resources, calendars, help desk, people directories, news and social media. 

Business Integra (BI): In 2023, the SharePoint development skills that I’d picked up in the NewWave portal project above served me well as I entered an organization that needed this type of support. A similar process of UX interviews and discovery, wireframing and interface design elements resulted in both a user friendly employee intranet portal (called Virtucampus), as well as a much-needed, well-organized Business Development repository for the Growth team.

Branded Interior Spaces | NewWave

One pre-pandemic genre of work that I enjoyed thoroughly was consulting with our facilities team on branded environmental design for 3 modern, corporate workspaces in Maryland. We employed NewWave’s broad, 10-color style guide to create unified experiences with varying color palettes for these spaces, considering employee and customer experience as they journeyed through the layout. Each location utilized a unique color combination and application to make for a memorable branded experience throughout.

Collaboration Center – Custom wall murals, brand color consultation, entry signage, infrastructure system reviews.

Conference Center – UX consultation, conference presentation interface design, brand color consultation, entry signage, infrastructure system reviews, conference room digital screens, custom cornhole board design, interior furniture and wall color consultation, art direction for build-out video.

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