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Brand design is so much more than a pretty face. 

The wise among us know that the earlier that you bring design to the strategy table – with an intent to use human-centered approaches that resonate with your targeted audiences – the more successful your initiative will be.

Monotone image: Eagle egg cracking open. Text: 'It's time. Our new site is live!' - Business Integra logo

Corporate Branding | BI

When I joined BI, the company was 22 years old and ready for a brand assessment and modernization. To refresh this legacy brand successfully, a brand audit had to be conducted, founders and staff interviewed, clients’ brand impressions gauged, and more. The trick is to hang on to any elements that create brand recognition, and modernize the rest – so in this case, we started by adding 2 colors to their original palette (green to represent growth, and violet to represent an injection of vibrant energy). Additional design elements include eagle references and silhouettes that refer to key client personas.

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Corporate Branding | NewWave

Having joined NewWave in 2017, as new branding was being launched, it was exciting to jump in to define how it would be applied across an enterprise that encompassed a mid-sized government services organization, plus several sister-companies, innovation labs, federal programs and data products. The broad color palette and energetic style made for a cutting-edge brand voice that stood out in an impactful way.

I maintained NewWave’s enterprise brand continuity, style and voice through the creation of brand systems, user interfaces, environmental design of corporate spaces, holistic trade show experiences, apparel/swag, ads, publications, presentations, videos/motion graphics and events.

Product Branding | Traferium

Traferium, powered by NewWave, was the first automated tool that allowed both data migration and code conversion, making it easy to select and initiate the transfer of organizational data to the cloud.

My team shaped this product’s complexities into palatable story, in order to differentiate it and give audiences quick context, in a ‘plain english’ form. After working with the product engineers to identify features, use cases, user personas, and target customers, I led the creation of a travel-related analogy to tell the data migration story. I provided project management, branding, visual and user interface design, presentation design, and art direction, prototyping in AdobeXD, WordPress development, storyboarding and art direction of the final animations, with lead generation workflows soon to follow via web landing page, etc.

GovCon Infographics | NewWave & BI

As a dedicated design resource for the Business Development teams at NewWave and Business Integra (at different junctures in my career path), I developed the proposal design process and all procurement-related design templates/systems. From there, I honed methods for creating effective, branded visuals that communicate complex, technical information for federal audiences. 

Together with my small team at NewWave, we support growth team pursuits by designing for bids that collectively won over $800M in awards from federal agencies, including CMSCDCDOEVAUSDA.

Staff Events | NewWave

Designing vibrant materials for internal events was a privilege because team members are the ‘backbone’ of a company’s success! Celebrating people and their work is always worthwhile, and sets the company culture up to thrive.

In my time at NewWave, I worked diligently to build excitement for countless events that elevated the employee experience (holiday parties, initiative/program kickoffs, product launches, summer barbecues, employee appreciation, happy hours, etc.), and contributed to our many corporate social responsibility initiatives (fundraisers, hack-a-thons, food/clothing drives, etc.).

Corporate Branding | iQuartic

iQuartic, a sister-company within the NewWave enterprise, was transforming risk adjustment, using powerful artificial intelligence solutions to drive value-based care for patients.

My team was tasked with showcasing the start-up’s cutting-edge capabilities in pitch decks and a quick website, as low-budget materials to set the growth team up for success as they pursued targeted business opportunities. 

I worked to understand their key user groups, distill the heart of their work and translate it into a refreshed style that blended existing typographic styling with a re-energized color palette.

Gov Initiative Branding | NVHAP

In 2016, I took a 1 year contract through The MayaTech Corporation, to work with HHS on their National Viral Hepatitis Action Plan 2017-2020.  The work focused on creating a brand system, 508-compliant publication design and digital marketing on social media for the initiative, in which I had the privilege to directly with researchers and the Office of Aids, HIV and Infectious Disease Policy (OHAIDP) to publish the plan to help level the playing field for specifically impacted groups.

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