Case Studies

Proposal Design & Technical Infographics

About the Client: NewWave is a globally-recognized, federally-certified provider of innovative business solutions for government and industry.

Users/Audience: Reviewers of Federal and State proposal bids, technical SME’s, & product owners, technical partners.

Project Details: Having begun my tenure at NewWave in 2017 as a Senior Designer within the Business Development department, I had to immediately learn about the proposal process, the health and government technology industry, all of which has quite a learning curve. This gallery can only show snippets of the work done, due to the sensitive nature of much of the content, but it gives a broad snapshot of conceptual covers and complex infographics created.

My Contribution: I immersed myself in learning enough of the Shipley’s process to be able to identify where graphics fit into the color reviews and create NewWave’s process for this work. I created a request and reviews system using customized SharePoint forms, educated stakeholders in efficient use of it. I met with stakeholders and learned how to pull complex information from them about their products, solutions and proposal offerings, and then translated these concepts into relevant cover designs and infographics to tell the story of the work being pitched to potential clients.

Outcomes: 3 years later, I’ve not only built up the archives of proposal design and infographics, but I’ve matured the request and proofing system, and cross-trained several creative team designers so that we can all cover proposal design needs as they arrive. This eliminates any sole points of failure, and creates more stability in handling multiple bids at once.

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