Case Studies

About the Client: MayaTech has focused on tackling existing and emerging public health challenges through direct engagement with agencies, governments, communities and individuals, for over 35 years. Their focus is in two main divisions: Research and Evaluation, and Health Information and Communications.

Users/Audience: Americans looking for information and government support in the area of infectious disease policy; HHS and other government officials and executives looking to improve lives for groups most impacted by viral Hepatitis.

Project Details: MayaTech won a 12 month contract for HHS, specifically OIDP (Office of Infectious Disease and HIV/AIDS Policy) for the purpose of 

My Contribution: As their contracted Senior Designer, I worked with MayaTech approximately 30 hours a week for a year on the National Viral Hepatitis Action Plan digital publication and social media campaign. I worked shoulder to shoulder with medical and public health strategists, researchers and HHS federal executives to plan and design a 508-compliant, 84-page digital publication for the government to host on to make their plans known in the fight against the viral hepatitis public health epidemic. We began by branding the initiative to make it recognizable and able to stand on its own as a campaign, then moved into publication design and editing, followed by designing a complete social media packet and Art Direction for an animated, motion graphics video explaining the plan.

Outcomes: HHS was thrilled with the output and it still lives on today; it is now 2020, so I assume that a new plan must be in the works but for now, it remains the most recent campaign published by OIDP on this topic. The contract ended right before the presidential seat changed over to the Republican administration, as the priorities of the administration lessened funding in this area, unfortunately.

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