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About the Client: NewWave is a globally-recognized, federally-certified provider of innovative business solutions for government and industry.

About the Users: NewWave Staff & Conference Attendees

Project Details: NewWave Staff are given branded apparel as gifts or conference participation gear, and laptop stickers were a trend for awhile, so corporate teams liked to have a selection of new tech stickers on hand for internal and external giveaways.

My Contribution: It was my role to meet with stakeholders to determine their goals, and users of the t-shirts and stickers. I designed all of the items shown on this page, and have collaborated on other designs that the team has designed over the years. 

Laptop stickers are fun to work on, and being in a tech industry, working with engineers and developers, there are unlimited directions you can go with the designs. For this set, I provided simple logo stickers, plus a couple in 8-bit gamer style and a mix-n-match set that allows the user to choose their own combo by giving them an ‘I heart’ sticker that matches up to their chosen specialty.

NW I Heart Stickers
HiMSS Tshirt 2019
HiMSS Tshirt 2019

Outcomes: The custom apparel designs have become a badge of honor of sorts for NewWavers since they are only given out once a year or at a conference, so you can tell how long an employee has been with the company by seeing the assortment of throwback t-shirts, jackets, etc. among staff. The custom stickers were such a hit that they disappeared quickly among staff, and they’ve been reprinted a few times to give away as swag items for business development and recruiting events. The ‘I heart’ mix and match sticker sets were a huge hit at HiMSS 2019 for attendees.

NW Program Galaxy Stickers
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