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COVID19 Doodle Challenge

If you’re like me, you may become overly intent on your creative outlets in times of stress and anxiety. Our creative minds can be both a gift and a curse – a drawback at times when we are stuck yet still ‘have to’ push through and generate ideas for a living; and a positive in that it’s a super power to have developed the ability to see differently. 

This time in our world is the most uncertain time most of us have ever faced. The Coronavirus pandemic is creating an ugly shared experience that is global – massive in its reach, devastating to humankind in the immediate, with lasting effects to be sure. Thanks to technology, creative professionals like me everywhere are able to continue with an altered version of their work lives – working 100% remotely, while juggling fears, needs, family responsibilities, community responsibilities, and more. That ability to remain employed is something to be thankful for in this time, but also a very difficult thing to juggle in this current environment. 

Harvard Business Review offered up some sound advice on how to create when you’re stressed here.  Ironically, that article is 2 years old but is a simple way to look at our current debacle. One key takeaway I drew from this, and from the basis of research I’ve already done on how creativity thrives best in a person, is that self-care and being intentional in putting yourself in your ‘happy place’ is imperative to fueling your creative fires. The stress levels running rampant right now are going to impact you and your work, inevitably, but if you know it and confront it with the strength we know we have as Americans, you’ll be ahead of the game, set up to overcome already!

So be good to yourselves, my friends. Haven’t had time to develop hobbies you love? Now you do! Aren’t sure you’d be good at an artistic outlet you admire of others? Now’s the time to try! 

My personal challenge is to create something that makes people feel happier, everyday during this global crisis. We can thrive where we’re planted…together!

COVID19 Art Therapy Week 1

March 18-23, 2020 – Week 1 Doodle Challenge  |  #COVID19 #doodleaday #arttherapy  #adobefresco

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