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COVID Characters: Part V

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

For cultural context: As of today, the ArcGIS map indicates that we’ve had 4,165,752 confirmed COVID cases globally – with 1,334,512 in the States. 

Quick: Google ‘artists in a pandemic’ and you’ll find an amazing array of people taking to the drawing boards to do what they do best – capture the times with any medium they are proficient in. As I know that every generation says when anything incredibly hard befalls them, we are living in unprecedented times. 

The art in times like this can be eery and creepy, or it can be hopeful and bring a sense a solidarity among people. I imagine that because people gravitate toward the sensational, there will someday be a super dreary and sad museum capturing all of the dark, conflicting emotions involved. 

I, on the other hand, can’t describe this feeling of being driven to capture the heroes, yes, but also snippets of the rest of the population’s experience as well during this time. In my book, each of them are their own form of hero, as they navigate this crazy new world we’re in. I’ve felt compelled to showcase the helpers, as Mr. Rogers told us to when we were children. I’ve lost sleep over these personalities who combine so many of the shared experiences we’re having today, and I’m happy to share them with you in hopes that they lift your spirits as well.

Pandemic Art
COVID Character: Medicare Bear

COVID Characters: Zoom Call

And what could be a more fitting way to bring these characters together in solidarity to support their first responder friend? A Zoom call, of course! 

COVID Characters: “Medicare Bear”

The most recent character release I’ve done was inadvertently timed to align with Nurses’ Appreciation Week, which I can’t help but think wasn’t a coincidence. The Medicare Bear came to me as an homage and effort at coming together in solidarity with our medical and first responder community. The stories, happy and sad, of ways in which they’re serving on the front lines around the globe are featured everywhere. We, society as a whole, couldn’t be more grateful for your work and show of love.

COVID Characters Zoom

Wishing you all a socially-supportive, social-distancing summer!
Sending virtual hugs your way.

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